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Stay Dench clothing was created by UK rapper Lethal Bizzle and Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong, ‘Dench’ began as slang for ‘great’ – and after Lethal Bizzle using it in his songs, media interviews and social media, it quickly caught on in urban and sports culture.The enterprising duo launched the ‘Stay Dench’ fashion label in 2012, and what started out as a hoody emblazoned with the eponymous slogan has now become a range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, caps and accessories. The Stay Dench mantra has also evolved, leading to play on word phrases like ‘Keep calm and Stay Dench’ and ‘Dench Gang’. Since its launch in 2012, Stay Dench has garnered a celebrity following that includes footballers Ian Wright, Djibril Cisse and Jack Wilshere as well as rapper Chip (formerly Chipmunk), radio presenter Greg James and the label’s namesake, Dame Judi Dench herself.
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