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Money Clothing

Money Clothing

Money clothing was first established in 2003 by Melvyn de Villiersm together with Nick Cordell. Takashi "Maru" Marujo joined them one year afterwards. The three couturiers wanted to change the way fashion was designed - they planned to design a collection of urban clothing that they felt "proud to wear, not just because of the label, but also because of the product itself." The Money brand name is certainly intently connected with a pair of obvious factors: to start with, the King Ape Device that's prominently viewable upon most of the products; and, next, the 'Dollar Jeans'. These particular jeans showcased a authentic note or bill of a foreign currency from all-around the Globe, including the Us Dollar, English Pound and the Columbian Peso attached to the back of the jeans, just slightly on top of the right-hand end pants pocket, obviously proving the crucial depth yet also giving a little to the imagination.
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