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Hype Clothing

Hype Clothing

HYPE. began in Summer of 2011, when the UK weather, for once, was good! Two friends, both on summer breaks from University, decided they wanted to spend their holiday doing something more than just kicking back and relaxing. With an understanding of retail and business from previous jobs and a fascination with independent clothing companies, creating a brand was high on the cards. They set to work on the foundations of the company, quickly and efficiently building a powerful string of social networks with nothing more than word of mouth. HYPE. launched its first designs; a lighter inscribed with the statement: ‘Get Your Own Fucking Lighter’ and a range of ‘alternative’ designs; a modified Einstein, Monroe and Elvis on separate t-shirts. The HYPE. had begun.rnFast forward 3 months and HYPE. has moved out of the bedroom and taken up premises in Leicester, to house the expansion of the fresh, growing company. Now whilst able to look over production closely, house more products, create an office space for friends to come and help, they knew they were on the right track. With their Autumn/Winter '11 collection primed, photographed and laid out on a brand new website, the next drop hit bigger and better.
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